65 Not Out

The Queensland Government has announced it will proceed with the Gabba redevelopment, in time for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. While it has publicly committed to working with interstate-based AFL and Cricket authorities – and potentially even refitting the RNA Showgrounds or the QEII Stadium to support them – it has so far refused to provide any certainty to the Queensland Cricketers’ Club to ensure we are able to return to our home for the last 65 years.

As the longest-serving tenant in the Gabba, and the only organisation present at the stadium all year round, the QCC supports redeveloping the Gabba into a modern and world-class entertainment precinct. However, we call on the Government to deal fairly and openly with the QCC, and ensure that we can continue our long tradition of serving the Queensland sporting public and supporting major events at the stadium.

The heart of The Gabba

The Queensland Cricketers’ Club is the heart of Brisbane’s sports hospitality scene – operating venues at multiple locations across the city.  Without doubt though, the Gabba is the spiritual home of both the club and also of sports entertainment in Queensland.

The QCC has about 2500 members and 5400 businesses in its corporate network. It pays around $1 million per year in rent and on tickets to cricket and AFL events to allow access for members.  And as the only permanent tenant at the Gabba, the club is the current custodian of tourism to the world-famous Gabba stadium, supporting sports fans from around the world in their mission to see the hallowed ground and its facilities in person.


In the Community

The QCC connects business, sport and the community with the common purpose of making an impact “Beyond The Boundary’’. The club has deep connections across the community, leveraging its relationships with world class athletes, local and state governments, large corporations and press and media to support people and organisations in need.

The Club provides its world-class expertise in hospitality and function and event management to contribute in payment and in kind to the work of charities, schools and grassroots sporting organisations.

At a local level, the Club provides weekly food deliveries to nearby Emmanuel City Mission to help feed homeless and vulnerable people, and supports fundraising through events at its function centre.


2032 Legacy

A redeveloped Gabba will be the major legacy from the 2032 Games. But unless it is used throughout the year, it risks becoming a white elephant.  By allowing the Queensland Cricketers’ Club to continue its 65-year association with the Gabba, the Government can ensure the precinct will be activated with permanent hospitality and entertainment facilities, instead of just being used on 20 days each year.

The QCC has a vision for an expanded entertainment precinct that can cater to the needs of tourists and visitors who regularly come to the Club just to see the famous Gabba ground. As well as cafes and restaurants, this offering could include stadium tours, a Queensland Sports Museum and Hall of Fame, and the continuation of our collaboration with Green and Gold Athletes so that the Olympics and Paralympics venue can become a permanent spiritual home for our Games heroes.


Join the Campaign

Follow the QCC on social media to stay up to date with the 65 Not Out campaign. There will be many opportunities throughout 2024 for QCC members and supporters to add their voices to the calls for a fair go, and to encourage Government and elected representatives to commit to keeping the QCC in the new Gabba.


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